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BKW Law is a top-rated injury law firm, and has been since it started in 1983.  Our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented the fine people of New Hampshire in a variety of legal cases.  Our firm includes injury lawyers, property lawyers, insurance lawyers, estate planning lawyers, and attorneys who specialize in construction law & work-related injuries.  Our attorneys will advocate for your rights to handle any injustice you might encounter, and will also provide you with the legal counsel and advice required during that litigation.

Manchester Car Accident Lawyers, Motorcycle Accident Attorneys And More

The Best Injury Attorney Manchester NH Has To Offer

Have you been in a car accident or motorcycle accident, and feel someone else is responsible for your injuries?  Then you need a personal injury lawyer.  As Manchester’s injury lawyer authority, we look forward to helping you through this difficult time.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and Car Accident Lawyers

The process of getting compensation is likely very new and intimidating to you, but not to us. Our injury lawyers handle claims day in day out, negotiating good settlements and excelling in courtrooms in front of juries.  Our New Hampshire auto accident lawyers know how to prove your case to a jury and how to defend you when necessary. Because of our many years of experience in the field of injury litigation we have also built strong professional relationships with a variety of expert witnesses who may be necessary for you to prevail. Additionally with a nurse paralegal on staff we can reduce what sometimes appears to be indecipherable medical lingo to plain English.

Finally, we can also offer competitive contingency fee agreements, well below the 1/3 other Manchester New Hampshire injury law firms charge.

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