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Navigating the world of workers’ compensation when you have been injured at work can be a minefield, full of traps for those unfamiliar with the various rules and regulations. Most people enter the system just once or a couple of times and are at a huge disadvantage trying to protect their rights and benefits without the assistance of experienced counsel. They likely do not know that there is a time limit to report a work injury to the employer, that the employer has a time limit to then report to their insurance company and to the state Department of Labor, that there is a time limit for actually making a claim (aside from simply reporting what happened), that the insurance company has the right to deny all or any part of a claim, that there are regulations governing how documents may be submitted to the Labor Department, that the insurance company can send the injured worker to be examined by a doctor of their own choosing, and that there is a time limitation for requesting a hearing after one receives a written denial. When up against the insurance company an injured worker needs the steady hand of an attorney who has represented others in this process. At BK&W we can offer those services. If you’ve been injured at work, and are unsure of your rights, call us for an appointment today.

Our experience in Workers’ Compensation law

Attorney Rick Weinstein handles our workers’ compensation practice at BKW. He has practiced law, including workers’ compensation on behalf of both claimants and insurance carriers, for 36 years. He has appeared before the state Department of Labor, the state Superior Court, the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and the New Hampshire Supreme Court. He has handled, and resolved, significant claims on behalf of injured workers including:

  • Double hernia claim of insulation installer – multiple six figure settlement
  • Cervical and head injury suffered by tree worker – multiple six figure settlement
  • Closed head injury suffered by licensed professional nurse – six figure settlement
  • Partial electrocution injury suffered by tree company worker – near six figure settlement
  • Major hip injury, with surgery, suffered by dialysis nurse – near six figure settlement